Sips of Grace

A collection of small moments to savor. May your soul be refreshed and encouraged
sip by grace filled sip.

Drink deep of the grace of God. Savor His Word – nourishing your soul, quieting your mind, calming your heart, and rooting firm your faith.

Awed by the Spirit, I am stirred, drawn to dance with words, the Creator’s Hand leading, and melding my words with His heart – oh, joy of art!

Lord, flood our souls in peace, anchor us deep in Your Love, renew us with the promise of hope, with joy after sorrow, your mercies new every morning.

Lord, I long to be tender, gentle, patient, kind, to see through eyes of compassion, looking beyond words and actions to seek the heart.

Tied to finite flesh, my soul longs to breathe, to fly, to soar beyond the iron links of sin and death straight into the arms of Jesus.

Ahh…to wait in joyful expectation on the Lord, seeking His face and simply resting in His holy Presence. What a gift!

Grace – seeking the hope sewn into every soul, the promise of who we were created to be, who we can ultimately become in Christ.

Lord, thank you for loving me more than I deserve, for never giving up on me, for graciously forgiving me again and again. AMAZING grace!

Melt deep into Jesus, relinquishing self, abandoning pride, suffused in peace, soul exquisitely, mysteriously, wholly nourished in Love.

Lord, thank you for lacing my days in laughter, edging them in joy, rooting Your love strong in my soul, and filling my mouth with praise.

Strength is not power or resolve, determination or perseverence, but simply, profoundly, mysteriously, incomprehensibly the JOY of the Lord.

Lord, drench me in stillness of soul, quieted mind, singleness of heart. Consume me with Your touch til all that’s left of me is YOU.

Our heart’s longing is for relationship – deep, personal, intimate, genuine, vulnerable, honest, open relationship with God and one another.

God knows every single detail of our lives and cares about them deeply, promising to provide all we need in His own perfect time and way.

“Just keep walking,” I heard in my heart. It was enough, more than enough. It was exactly what I needed for God absolutely always is.

Sometimes the answers matter less than the possibilities, because the lesson IS the possibilities – HOPE – the eternal longing of our souls.

There could be no greater honor, no greater privilege than to pray with my child for God to work in her life.

This moment is a rare and priceless gift – promise of hope. Savor it. Allow God to bathe you soul in His grace and peace, igniting JOY.

God’s joy is far more contagious than bad attitudes, and like leavening just a bit makes all the difference in a day. Taste and see!

We are more than one flag, one race, one nation. We are ONE people! One Body, image of the Holy I Am, treasured, sacred, whole. One.

I want to learn to see God, to know His Presence, feel His grace, taste His joy every moment, in all circumstances, every step through life.

“When you don’t let me in, you take away my ability to help, to give. It’s not just about you. God is using your life to grow my faith too.”

God doesn’t excuse my attitudes because of what He’s allowed in my life, but living with, in, through Him, He redeems it all for His great glory.

God’s love is our sure, sweet victory over fear, conquering it completely and replacing it with His radiant joy and perfect peace.

Fear can either immobilize us or motivate us to trust more fully, more deeply, more honestly in God.

Joy isn’t a commodity to attain, but a precious blessing poured into our lives as we look beyond ourselves and seek to follow Christ.

It’s less about what we can do than about how much we can love, less about finding a solution for the pain than about walking through it together.

God loves us with a perfect, everlasting love – a love that will never die, will never change, will never end.

Nothing lifts my spirit, eases the moment or more successfully dulls the pain than laughing with others. What a beautiful God gift!

Today, savor the moment, soak in the beauty around you, breathe deeply and experience the immensity of God.

Dance before the Lord, delighting in His Presence, awash in love, radiant in joy, bathed in grace, refreshed by His gentle, tender mercies.

Forgiveness is sometimes like climbing a mountain on my knees, impossibly hard, incredibly raw, unnerving, yet the summit is exquisite.

Fear creeps in on silent feet, twining viscous tendrils round my soul. On barest whispered prayer, Love alights to set the captive FREE!

Dancing in the rain of grace, soul awash in mercy, joy-drops fat with liquid love, quenching deep the thirsty.

Forgiveness breathes spring to the soul, melting pride and self-protection into a healing pool of compassion. God in the moment.

As we rest in God’s Presence, allowing Him to lead and schedule the day, all that’s truly needed and necessary is successfully accomplished.

Who am I in the dark of night when no-one can see? I may be able to hide from finite human eyes, but not from the infinite eyes of God. Love.

Open wide your arms, your hands clenched tight, release. Drink deep the grace, the gift of today, filling your soul with God’s peace.

Humbled by holy blood, shed for my soul, body willingly broken, agony – MINE! – endured in my place, for He’s LOVE, and I am His child.

Layer by layer, stripped of self, bare, tender, drawn grace upon grace to STAND, feet on the Rock, firm in Truth, anchored strong in Love.

Washed in waters of baptism’s grace, humbled by Love who died in my place, risen again to set captives FREE, Messiah alive = Heaven for me!

A breath before dawn, palest rose blushes morning’s cheeks. Stirred ember of Heaven, Spirit-blown, enflames the sun. JOY awaking day!

Spirit weary, groaning deep in wordless prayer, longing for release, cease of circumstances, chaos stilled. Faith forged in fire – STRONG!

Lord, what joy to rest in Your Presence, to know that all is in Your Hands, that You are strong and so much more than able.

It’s not what you know, but who you know. So true! Knowledge means little if you don’t know Jesus. With Him it’s all about relationship!

Beauty is every breath taken in the Presence of God.

Today – this moment – is the gift! Cherish it! Live it! Savor every single second. Suck the very marrow from the bones, pouring out blessing in abundance on the ones you love.

Absent light, earth lies cloaked in gray. Son’s rays pierce the haunting dark, saturating void, restoring color, vibrance, radiance, day.

Liquid moon hangs full in new spring sky spilling creamy silk on ink black pond ~ dance of light, God’s gentled night.

Tiny dollhouse popcorn balls pop, bounce, jump to thunder’s booming bass ‘neath lightning’s strobe in frenzied, frozen dance of spring.

Listening costs time and attention, rapt, open, honest, a quiet mind, calmed heart, stilled tongue. Listening requires sacrifice of self.

Lord, I long to release the words of my soul, to set them FREE to skim the wild waves, fly on currents high, soar on wings of golden glory.

Lord, implant Your Word so deeply in my soul, fill me so completely with Your Spirit that I am no longer distinguishable from You.

Lord, I don’t want to thank you for the pain tonight, but I will, for through it You draw me into deeper relationship with You. Grace!

A still and moonless sky, thick with unshed rain, boasts choicest diamonds brilliant on black velvet ~ God’s stark minimalist art.

Arms, hands, lap warm with waking puppies, s t r e t c h i n g sleepy limbs into morning. Gentle, tender moments. Simple blessings.

Standing in the pouring rain, drenched in mystery of pain, blessings hidden deep within, hope of Heaven, death of sin.

Perfect peace — to live every moment in the Presence of Almighty God, breathing deep His grace, awash in His mercy, awed by His great joy.

Cloud creamy sky mutes faint hum of traffic, low rumble of freight train slow, broken by haunting whistle headed north – sounds of evening.

Close cotton fog envelopes morning wrapping me in time, space, to wake slow to this gift of day ~ gentle, tender, intimate embrace of God.

Bubbling clear in rising chorale rounds, spring’s young peepers call to sliver moon inviting her to skim the pond in play til break of day.

Steady bite of chainsaw deep against the redwing blackbird’s trill, melody lifted high in cardinal’s call filling gentle breeze with spring.

I long for words to speak the spirit of my soul, brave enough to bear my weakness, honest enough to admit the pain, deep enough to reveal God.

Parenting – a fine line between giving grace and standing firm. The only absolute is God – His time, His way, His lead for His glory. Amen!

Moon rises full, haloed in silver cloud silk, lighting leafless oak, majestic arms spread wide to the world – intricate, dark beauty of God.

Deck lights shimmer in rain-kissed pools wind-whipped into tiny waves as I huddle under the eaves waiting for our puppies. Simple blessings.

Raindrops hang fat and full from the garden gate, shimmering in opaque light as if wondering whether to dry and rise or fall to water earth.

Today I stand quiet, wanting only to listen, to hear beyond words with a heart of compassion and mercy, to love deeply and offer grace freely.

Skies rain crystalline glaze on newly budded trees, daffodils bow yellow heads against the freeze, winter’s hold still strong on spring.

We wake to a new day filled with possibility, opportunity, a grace-filled invitation from the King of creation to “Come, follow Me.”

Saturday Silence – Today Jesus endured the depths of our human depravity, complete and utter separation from the Father that we might LIVE!

Waiting in the stillness and silence of Saturday. Awed by Christ’s unimaginable sacrifice for me.

Each blade of grass and every blooming crocus bears His holy fingerprint. His Voice upon the wind proclaims, “Alleluia! My Son LIVES!”

Sometimes life towers over us tangled and tall, but as we step back and breathe deeply of God, His hope in each moment miraculously appears.

Lord, I long to stand in the gap for the women in my life, to offer grace without judgment, and mercy sewn in love, compassion and deep joy.

To rise with His name on my lips, His praise in my heart, to seek His face in the moment and experience deep His joy is LIFE full in Christ!

Waking to a quiet morning, sleepy puppies, slow, gray sky, hint of mist, grateful to God, who knows and is and is absolutely always ENOUGH!

Cardinal’s plaintive cry rises like lament today — sorrow for lives lost, hearts rent, aching, cities broken and battered by recent storms.

Sunbeams dance across tall spring grass chasing shadows on the breeze, and I am content to catch a glimpse of gold on tiny insect wings.

Jesus looks at us and LOVES us, not because of who we are or what we do, but because of we are HIS – the crown of creation in whom He delights.

Waking in His Presence, gentled, calm within His Peace, my heart beating in silent, rhythmic abandon with God’s, awed on this day to be HIS!

I long to discover the beauty in every moment, every space, every breath — to see, feel, hear, taste, experience the extraordinary in God.

Lord, may we live this day awash in Your grace, each moment for Your glory, each breath humbled by Your holy Presence, forgiving as You do.

Appreciating the gift of my husband — a gift wrapped lavishly in love and laughter, tied with bright ribbons of compassion and generosity.

Sitting on the kitchen floor, laptop propped across my knees awaiting inspiration — thoughts, words, sentences to flow from brain to screen.

If chaos draws me to stillness, space to breathe, think, be — does pain awaken me to compassion, mercy, grace? Inside out blessings of God.

Seeking the extraordinary, unseen, overlooked beauty in each moment, the grace disguised, the blessing hidden, evidence of almighty God.

Rain washed dawn drying with the rising sun, morning mist hovering in the hollows — hope rising from the shadows — God’s mercies always new.

Inexpressible and glorious joy — faith proved by trials, refined and receiving the goal of salvation, the pure reflection of Jesus in me.

Watered in the rain of grace, nurtured long in love, mercy soaking deep the roots, faith unfurls one tender bloom reflecting bright the Son.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is simply “be” with another — no words, no stories, no gifts, just presence and the quietness of prayer.

Taste joy! Drink deep of grace. Stand in the Presence of God today and notice His Hand in every detail, His Face in all of creation.

“Framing the holy” — those words reached a deep place in my soul. My focus this year is to “see” God everywhere — to breathe deep His Presence, to notice His Hand in the big and small, in every detail, every circumstance, every breath, to stop and look and listen and feel and know that He is present and I am His.

Solitude is space to breathe amid the din of life, God tenderly bathing my soul in peace, seeding compassion in my heart, joy in my life.

Waking to another day, another moment to take off our shoes and stand in the Presence of a holy God, to encounter all it means to be alive!

May God draw you tenderly, gently to drink from the wellspring of Life today, filling your soul with His Presence, your life with His Love.

Dancing into day, a song in my heart, the joy of the Lord on my lips, His unquenchable, unending love deep in my soul, thankful to be alive.

Thankful for another day of life, another day to love my husband and my kids, another day to experience the Presence of God and His creation.

May the gentle stirrings of God sway and dance in your soul today drawing you into deeper into His holy Presence.

To stand on holy ground and open our hands, releasing all we are, all we have, to breathe in God’s Presence and fall to our knees is faith.

May God hold you gently in His Hands today, His peace washing over your soul, soaking deep, His tender mercy enfolding your heart.

Profusion of flowers bright against this morning’s soft gray sky reminds me to be still, breathe deep, and know that He is God.

Soft, slow, gentle rain watering earth, provision for thirsty spring plantings. God’s soft, gentle grace ~ provision for our thirsty souls.

Chipmunk chattering, majestic oak, limbs wide, strong, protective, leaves swaying, dancing in unison as if welcoming the approaching storm.

How amazing that God chose us to share His love with a waiting world!

Wake with a song in your heart, the joy of the Lord on your lips, the love of God infusing your soul, knowing beyond doubt, infinitely, perfectly, immeasurably, YOU are LOVED!

Rain spattered petals, leaves dancing in shimmering pools, robin singing, ruffled and puffed, waking slow, heavy, gray morning. Cheerio!

Mourning doves coo soft in morning mist, slow, gentle light rises in the east — Sabbath sunrise, taste of joy, promise of hope, wake of day.

Rain-sated green greets the morning, enfolded in rolling clouds, woken with sun’s gentle kiss, Heaven watering earth with tender grace.

Sun’s gentle rays seep through low, wet clouds, glimpses of gold spattering across wide-limbed oak kissing rain-sated leaves with hope.

To see with eyes of faith is to breathe deeply of the moment, noticing little things large and big things small, grateful that God is God.

May I learn not to be a shield standing between two, a wall one must “go through” to reach another, stepping aside instead to pray.


4 thoughts on “Sips of Grace

  1. One word struck me…savor…something we rarely do any more. Very little porch-sitting is enjoyed to commune with God’s gift of nature. Very little savoring of special moments or the making of those moments. Very little savoring quiet times. Schedules reign over the day. Beautiful post as always, Cindee.


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