Introducing a New Ministry

Today, I want to introduce you to something close to my heart, something you've been reading in bite-sized pieces since 2008, a story simultaneously just beginning and one that's been decades in the making. A story only God could be writing. Today, I introduce you to my friend, Pamela Piquette, and the brand new ministry …

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In Search of Him

Words are where I begin to understand, gain perspective, to process this life we’re living, where I seek the Deep and discover God in the messy midst. Words are where I feel my heart beat, where I seek hope unfolding like dew-wet wings waiting to fly. Because we have five precious kids. Four with significant, …

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Savor the Hard Stuff

I woke this morning to a message from a friend, “Savor the hard stuff.” Not words she’d wanted to send. But words God had laid on her heart, clearly, unmistakably. Three times in thirty minutes. And on faith, she sent them to me. “I LOVE you!” I immediately typed back, because she’d sent exactly the …

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