Richest Love

Beautiful Sunday blessings to you, Friends! What grace that we are loved beyond imagining by the One who IS love, whose love never changes, never fails, never ends, whose love is wholly undeserved, and beyond all limits of time and space.


Uphold You

Encouragement from the One who created you, who knew you before the beginning of time, and loves you beyond all human understanding, the God who gave up His life for yours, to redeem you and every hour the locusts have eaten, who forgives you again and again and again, forever, who pours out grace upon …

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Truest Wisdom

When I’d first heard of the event, I knew I wanted to go. Maybe needed to go. Just because I knew a little bit of the artist’s story, enough to believe her life might speak to mine. So I put a ticket on my birthday list. Just one. I wasn’t going to ask any of …

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