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Like Grace

Snow falls in a gentle haze
Flakes nearly imperceptible
Until I squint sideways against the dark

like grace

Are they falling or merely

am I?

In this place between
Sick and well
Heaven and hell
Compassion and discontent?

How will these minikin flakes ever
Amount to an inch?

but they do

As I look away
To teach school
Fold laundry
Pack a box
Steep a cup of tea

They silently stack
One on one on one
To cover the ground
Dome the birdfeeder
Turn this patch of world


like grace

His gentle Presence falling
In moments too small to see

Until I squint sideways against the dark
the night
the pain
the sick
the loss

And see the flakes
Stacking one on one on one
To shield the heart
Heal the hurt and
Turn this waiting soul




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